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Favorite Products

Here are products I use at home and are often featured in social media posts!


Empowered Self-healing Premium Tote Bag

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Empowered Self-healing

Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Self-healing Premium

Tote Bag


With AquaTru, your water is not just filtered, it's purified. AquaTru's 4-stage Reverse Osmosis technology is certified by IAPMO to NSF standards to remove 83 contaminants, including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrates, PFOS, PFOA, and many more.

Camano Island Coffee must meet the highest standards. They are all USDA Certified Organic, Shade Grown, sourced from the top 1% Arabica Grade, and Fairly Traded. It specialize in single-origin coffees to give you the best taste of place.

All Camano Island coffees are certified organic. They keep their facility and all suppliers aligned within USDA regulations. Also, they follow a natural growth cycle, creating a fuller and richer flavor for you so you can have beans with half the caffeine and acidity of other varieties.

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The Echo H2® Machine is one of our original Echo Water® Machines. It generates clean, great-tasting hydrogen-enriched water while maintaining a neutral pH.

The Echo H2® Machine creates two types of water: hydrogen-enriched water and filtered water. It does this by running two streams of water through the machine: one for harvesting hydrogen gas and the other for outputting the ready-to-drink hydrogen-enriched water. By adding hydrogen gas to the second stream of water, the water that you drink has a -400mV to -500mV oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). An electrical potential in this range facilitates gut repair, stimulates healthy bacteria growth, and boosts immune function. The Echo H2® Machine produces hydrogen-enriched water with 1.5 ppm of hydrogen gas.

Dear Friend of Dr. Olivia Pompa:

A major olive oil opportunity is at hand. But if you’re interested, you must act quickly.

If you'll pay just $1 to help cover my shipping costs, I'll send you, with my compliments, a $39 bottle of rare, fresh-pressed olive oil superior to any other oil you’ve ever tasted. It’s normally impossible to find here in America.

The freshness, flavor, and health benefits of this just-pressed oil will astonish you ... it will utterly blow away any olive oil you can find in the U.S. And that’s for one simple reason: This is fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oil—raced here by jet straight from the olive harvest and it's independently certified to be 100% pure extra virgin.


Keto Mojo is next level in testing blood glucose and ketone meter! You can also track results and trends with the keto-mojo app.

 It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or low-carb diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. 

Lifeboost Coffee helps you achieve the healthiest, tastiest and lowest acid cup of coffee possible using sustainable farming and protecting wilflife. It is coffee is mold and chemical-free, non-GMO, shade grown, fairly traded, and single origin.


Purity Coffee.png

While there are many coffees produced today which claim to be good for you, Purity Coffee's signature process developed ensures you’re getting the healthiest coffee available…period.
The reason for this is very simple: Purity coffee is optimized for health benefits during every single step of the production process.

Discover Dr. Olivia's favorite products on amazon that can be shipped fast to your home.

Some of these items are:

- non-toxic home items

- non-toxic cleaning products

- non-toxic makeup and body care 

- castor oil packs

- coffee enema bucket

Experience the best value targeted red light therapy panel available on the market. All Mito Red Light devices undergo professional diagnostic testing. It has guaranteed power, spectra and performance and provide highly accurate data to guide your usage.

MitoRed has the most generous affiliate program in the industry. Commisions are paid for each sale referred through your unique referral link.

Supercharge your self-care and boost holistic recovery with wellness tools designed to ignite vitality from the inside out. Higherdose cultivated the hottest at-home wellness tools using nature-inspired technologies to release a DOSE of feel-good chemicals — AKA, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins — that elevate your mood, promote a healthy glow, support long-term health benefits, and lift your spirit.


The most widely used herbicide is harming more than your gut health (and it's not going anywhere soon). Fortunately, there are measures you can take to not only avoid glyphosate, but also combat it. Ion's entire product line starts nurturing connection at the literal foundation of health, with cell-to-cell integrity. Learn how adding ION* wellness solutions have helped people from all walks of life reconnect to their own bodies to live healthier, happier lives. 

Joovv's mission is to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and ultimately healthier through harnessing the power of light and innovation. Joovv is built from the endless pursuit to heal the human body and optimize it to its fullest potential so life can be enjoyable.


Andreas Seed Oils are the first and only raw, undamaged seed oils in the world, that have fully unlocked the powerful life energy from organic seeds with 0 oxidation. Benefits include, Support a healthy immune system, Support healthy aging, Boosts energy levels, May improve cardiovascular health, Boosts cognitive function, Helps Reduce inflammation.

MASA chips is made the traditional way — by gently cooking natural corn tortillas in grass-fed beef tallow, and lightly sprinkling them with real sea salt.

The result is the best tortilla chip ever made. Delicious, naturally healthy, and of course, seed oil free. 

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