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A program designed to coach and support you through your wellness journey, leaving you more empowered to self-heal than ever before.

What Does This Program Look Like?

An initial onboarding session with Dr. Olivia to discuss goals, whys, and your case specific timeline

1:1 sessions via phone or zoom.

Personalized diet strategies and resources to guide you through your dietary adjustments.

Text support with Dr. Olivia for questions in between consultation calls.

Consistent inspiration and check-ins.

Upstream stressor coaching to identify your specific root causes.

Tracking applications to keep track of symptoms, improvements, diet wins and lifestyle habits.

Live membership to all webinars and Q&A with Dr. Olivia

A lasting education and a lasting experience that will leave you with tools to empower your body to heal naturally for the rest of your life.

Love Notes From My Amazing Clients

"I was so blessed to have Dr. Olivia Pompa as my personal health coach for the past 10 months. She taught me so much from what she had learned from her father, a world-renowned cellular healing medical doctor.

Olivia is also a medical doctor and has had to work through health issues of her own. She is therefore well equipped to speak from personal experience, family culture and formal training.

Over the months I listened to her webinars on a multitude of subjects and attended the webinars entitled " Ask the coach any Question.' She was always able to answer every question. It was impressive to hear her knowledge on so many issues and then provide in depth advice and insight. The knowledge I gained from Olivia will stand me and my family in good stead for the rest of our lives.

May God bless Olivia in all the good work she does in serving and helping people to be equipped, to live and serve as God created us to be".


"Everyone needs a coach in life; especially when it comes to navigating through the health and wellness world"

Habla Español?
No Problem! Get in touch and we can discuss your options!

How Do I Begin?








Book a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Olivia to discuss your specific case, goals, Dr. Olivia Pompa's process, program price, breakdown, and coaching expectations.

Finalize payment online or with Dr. Olivia's office assistant if paying via Zelle, bank transfer, or check.

Shortly after, you will be contacted to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Olivia. You will also receive Dr. Olivia's exclusive, direct contact information for unlimited support between consultations.

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