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My mission is to help those struggling with chronic illness master an alternative method that works and tap into the innate healing potential the body holds.

I strongly believe the body CAN and WILL heal on its own,
but we must
empower it to do so.
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An Alternative Approach to

A Self Healing Body

My long term goal is to empower today's youth to find true answers to their health challenges, depend less on the world's opinions for answers and more on their body’s innate intelligence.​

I believe that an alternative approach to illness must address ALL sources of inflammation whether chemical, physical or emotional, and these identified stressors must be removed.


Once the inflammation driver is removed, chronic inflammation can subside and the true healing within can begin.

Professional Development

Dr. Olivia received her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science at Florida State University. She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University.

Dr. Olivia is currently a Platinum Doctor through Health Centers of the Future where she continues her education by renowned medical doctors all over the world and has been trained thoroughly in the expertise of Dr. Daniel Pompa, her mentor and Father in unexplainable, neurotoxic illness and cellular health.

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A Little More About Me...

When my parents passed away at age 7. Merily and Dr. Daniel Pompa adopted my twin brother, Dylan and I. Dylan was on the autistic spectrum and within 2 years of diet changes and detox, he was released into a normal school system.

At a young age, I saw a sick young boy transformed by small lifestyle changes and witnessed the body's incredible ability to heal alone.

To this day, my entire family works alongside my Father and carries the same mission to help carry the message as to many people as God's will allows.

If you are reading this, I pray you too find the answers you are seeking..

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