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personalized coaching program

where you will learn how to identify your unique root causes of illness.

The human body can and will heal when unique stressors and identified and removed;
lessening inflammation.

This is empowered self-healing.

Increase energy and internal drive.

Heal the gut brain connection

Learn how to listen to your body.

Master research supporting, biohacking eating habits.

Lose excess, unhealthy weight

Learn how to discern between diet and wellness myths

Gain your own tools to live a self-healing empowered lifestyle you can teach your children and loved ones.

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Get Dr. Olivia's Cookbook totally free!

Learn a bit about how Dr. Olivia stays healthy cooking her own, favorite classic dishes.

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Olivia Pompa, D.C., B.S.

I guide doctors and wellness-seeking millennials in finding lasting solutions to wellness.

One of the biggest challenges us millennials face today is relying more on what seems "trendy" but is misleading information and less on actively listening to our bodies.

In High School, I had a lot of health issues such as weight, brain fog, depression, acne, hormone irregularities, and excruciating periods. My health massively declined after hitting my head in a car accident. I started with small diet changes and water fasting; tapping into my body's natural ability to heal. Immediately, I saw a significant turn in my health. With only minor changes, I could see my body healing without artificial medicine but by empowering the body alone.

My aim as a wellness coach is to teach you what you need to know so that you can change your future. You can learn to think like your own doctor and be your own self-healer.

Every year, I become stronger and healthier. I used to think it was supposed to be the opposite. Truly, approaching 30 has never been more exciting!

What does my coaching program look like?

Unlimited support

1:1 coaching calls

Personalized diet coaching

High-level biohacking strategies

Dr. Daniel Pompa approved detox strategies

Upstream stressor identification coaching

Heavy metal testing

Fasting & ancient healing strategy coaching

Thorough history intake and discussion

Labs *if* deemed necessary by Dr. Olivia

Why wait easier until "life gets easier" to worry about your health?

Life is easier when you feel good.

Love Notes From My Amazing Clients and Colleagues

"I was so blessed to have Dr. Olivia Pompa as my personal health coach for the past 10 months. She taught me so much from what she had learned from her father, a world-renowned cellular healing medical doctor.

Olivia is also a medical doctor and has had to work through health issues of her own. She is therefore well equipped to speak from personal experience, family culture and formal training.

Over the months I listened to her webinars on a multitude of subjects and attended the webinars entitled " Ask the coach any Question.' She was always able to answer every question. It was impressive to hear her knowledge on so many issues and then provide in depth advice and insight. The knowledge I gained from Olivia will stand me and my family in good stead for the rest of our lives.

May God bless Olivia in all the good work she does in serving and helping people to be equipped, to live and serve as God created us to be".


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This show was created by Dr. Olivia to take wellness seekers and biohackers into the lifestyle Dr. Olivia and her family live by.



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