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This show was created by Dr. Olivia to take wellness seekers and biohackers into the lifestyle Dr. Olivia and her family lives by.


Dr. Olivia dives into many topics such as:

Her story before she got ill

Colleague specialty interviews

Her health journey finding the answers

Biohacking tools and strategies

Ancient healing strategies

Health trick and tips

Hot topic research


Fasting strategies

Controversial topic discussion

Tune in to the latest Episodes

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How to eat healthy when traveling

Featured Episode

Learn how you can eat healthy when traveling

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About Dr Olivia Pompa

I'm a chiropractor (DC) & I guide doctors & wellness-seeking millennials in finding true solutions to wellness.

One of the biggest problems, us millennials face today is depending more on what seems "trendy" but misleading information & less on actively listening to our bodies.

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